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For more perspective into how I work, here are my answers to some questions I've been asked.


Q: What is therapy and how could it help me?

A: Therapy is one of the few places that is all about you! Focusing on and tending to yourself is powerful stuff!

Therapy is a space to slow down and sense into more parts of yourself.

In the midst of your busy life, you can fall out of touch with who you are and what matters most to you. Therapy is an opportunity to check in and reconnect with yourself: your needs, wants, thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. It's a way to get back on the same page with yourself.

The spaciousness of having a set time and place to reflect can help you gain a fuller picture of who you are, what you want, and what may be getting in the way. Together, we can work to explore your unique experiences and circumstances as well as your relationship with yourself and others.

I view therapy as a creative process, an endeavor of trust and emergence. Getting in touch with all of the parts of yourself is courageous, vulnerable work that can lead to increased connection with yourself and your world.

Therapy can help you feel less alone with all that is swirling inside you.

Therapy can help you update your coping skills and step up your self-care.

As your therapist, I will accompany you on your journey of finding, being, and loving who you are and living a life that feels true to you and reflects your values.


Q: Why did you choose to become a therapist?

A: I do this work because it changed my life! It brought me from a place of insecurity and angst to a deep and profound acceptance of myself and appreciation for my quirks. This has led to me being able to take ownership of my life in a way that I did not think was possible.

The kind of intentional, grounded support that I felt in therapy has helped me to hold myself in high esteem and be the “me”-est version of myself.

My personal experiences have inspired and motivated me. I know, first-hand, how tough it can be to reach out for support, and I know how valuable and worthwhile it can be too!

I am so proud to offer skillful and sensitive guidance to others who are wanting to get more deeply connected with themselves, their passions, and the people who are important to them.


Q: What is therapy with you like?

A: It's an open and engaged conversation between us. It's an experience of connection, collaboration, and curiosity.

In sessions, we explore what's going on for you- consciously and unconsciously- by focusing on what you say as well as the values, beliefs, and messages that underlie your experiences.

We make space for feelings and allow them to be present and to inform us.

As you share about what's going on for you, I will definitely not "just sit there". I take an active role in helping you be present for yourself and your process. I do this by empathizing with your struggles, pointing out patterns of relating for us to explore, and helping you slow down in order to acknowledge your strengths and celebrate what's working.

Many times, this looks like us sitting together with you talking and me listening. I ask questions to make sure I'm understanding you and to help you flesh out your thoughts and ideas. Sometimes there is silence. Sometimes there is laughter. Sometimes we use movement or art. Each person's therapy has its own rhythm; each session is unique.

While no two sessions will be alike, my positive regard for you and commitment toward your wellness will remain consistent throughout our work together.


Q: What Could I Gain From Therapy?

A: Everyone’s therapy is different because we all have different experiences to process and goals we’re working toward. Some potential outcomes of engaging in therapy are:

  • Decreasing Feelings of Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Depression

  • Increasing Feelings of Calm, Creativity, and Empowerment

  • Improving your Relationships with Yourself and Others

  • Managing Self-Doubt and Learning to Trust Yourself

  • Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

  • Gaining Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Healing from Difficult Experiences

  • Exploring Privilege, Oppression, and Intersecting Identities

  • Strengthening your Sense of Self

  • Unlocking Your Potential

  • Embracing Who You Are


Q: What are some limitations of therapy? What is therapy not?

A: While many people feel better being able to share what's going on for them with a caring witness, it is important to check in about your expectations of how therapy can support you. 

Therapy is not a quick fix. It takes time, effort, and consistency for therapy to help you create the deep and lasting changes you'd like to see. Healing is a gradual, non-linear process.

Therapy is not a one-sided relationship. Therapy is about you learning how to tap into your own strength, wisdom, and intuition. It is not about me instructing you on what to do.  My role is to accompany you, reflect what I see happening, and offer kind support so that you can take initiative in your life and make empowered choices about what is best for you.

Therapy is not a cure-all. The point of therapy is not to remove challenges from your life. It's to help you rise to meet those challenges and to cultivate compassion for yourself.


Q: How long will therapy take?

A: There are some things in life that can’t be rushed, and therapy is definitely one of them. Really getting to the core of whatever is keeping you from feeling secure and satisfied is going to take time. How long you choose to participate in therapy is up to you. The clients that tend to experience the most benefit from therapy are committed to the process and show up weekly ready to dive in and explore.


Q: What if I don't even know what my problems are or how to put them into words?

A: That's okay! You don't have to know exactly what you'd like to discuss or work on. In my experience, something always shows up verbally or non-verbally. Therapy is about exploring. So, we can explore a specific topic if you wish, or we can discover together whatever arises in the present moment. There's no "right" way to be in therapy, and there's no pressure to be a certain way or plan what to talk about. Just show up as you are, and we'll go from there.

I meet you where you are, and we work together to get you where you want to be.


Q: How will I feel after a therapy session?

A: Any number of ways. Sometimes you may feel relieved to have gotten stuff off your chest. Sometimes you may feel unresolved. Sometimes you may feel energized. Sometimes you may feel tired. Or any combination thereof. The awesome thing about therapy is we get to talk about however you're feeling the next time you come in.


Q: Do you enjoy being a therapist?

A: Yes! I love it! Bearing witness to people moving through struggle is incredibly beautiful, tender work. I find this work to be fulfilling and fascinating. I am deeply inspired by people's stories and resiliency. While there is often humor in our sessions, I don't take it lightly that I am being trusted with the precious details of people's lives. It is truly an honor to be able to sit with people in pain, confusion, and joy and to hold space for their process to unfold.

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