I offer professional and culturally-sensitive psychotherapy to individuals and people in relationships.


Individual Therapy

Outwardly, you're holding it all together, but, on the inside, you're feeling pretty messy. If all that baggage is weighing you down, I can help you unpack it so you can experience some real relief.

Individual therapy is customized, one-on-one, sustained support. It's a unique process designed to improve your life by helping you get clear on what you want for yourself and what it will take for you to get there.

Investing in yourself in a deep and ongoing way is the ultimate self-care practice!

In my work with individuals, the most important aspect is the therapeutic relationship itself, as it often mirrors clients' other significant relationships. I aim to build an alliance of respect, trust, care, and understanding. With this foundation, I offer space for you to move at your own pace to make connections and experience insights that can bring you closer to where you want to be.

I bring my warmth, curiosity, and humor to each session. Together, we can explore old patterns and beliefs that may no longer be serving you and collaborate to create more room for choices and change. 

It would be an honor to accompany you on your journey toward greater wholeness.

I welcome diversity of all kinds including body sizes, abilities, races, ethnicities, faiths, sexualities, romantic orientations, and genders.


Relationship Therapy

Relationships can bring up a lot for people. 

Maybe at the start of your relationship, things were flowing, and you were feeling sparks, and now it feels like some of the magic is gone: fights are breaking out more often, and you are concerned that dullness, disagreements, and disconnection are becoming the new normal. Maybe you find yourself holding back, sweeping stuff under the rug, or feeling like you need to walk on eggshells to keep the peace. Maybe holding your tongue worked for a while, but now you're feeling restricted, resentful, and ready for a new way of relating.

It can be incredibly nerve-wracking to feel like you are not on the same page with the person or people that you share your life with in such intimate ways. It may feel daunting for you to initiate conversations about what you've been noticing in your dynamic. That's one of the reasons why choosing to participate in therapy as an individual or as a couple can be very useful; I'm a professional helper of and advocate for honest conversations. Even though they can be tough sometimes, my experience is that not having them can be even tougher.

I hear a lot of people express frustration that at the beginning of their relationship, there was a lot of agreement around how to mutually spend time, energy, and money, and in later phases of their relationship, there are shifts- big and small- that bring up a lot of questions and fears.

Relationship therapy is for people who want to work on their relationship in an intentional way.

I counsel intimate partners coming in with a wide range of hopes and challenges. 

I have found that at the heart of many struggles in relationships are barriers to communication that, once explored, can help us get to the core of what is keeping your relationship from feeling as fulfilling as you would like. 

I take an active role in helping partners sort out the messy, (but wholly rewarding) experience of being in an intimate relationship.

The first step is usually to take stock in what's working and how committed each partner is to the relationship. From there, we can work together to reveal the forces that are getting in the way, so we can bring awareness and choice to your interactions in order to support you in achieving your goals.

I welcome partnerships in all of their unique forms. 


You're invited to find out more about my services by calling or emailing me to set up a free 20 minute phone consultation.